Rising and Multi-faceted Reality

This message is about the idea of Rising, and layered real factors. We discuss the earth going from aspect 3 to aspect 4, and Rising, and various real factors or universes inside the all-that-is.

Envision that that the earth is a holographic data framework that exists inside a fantastic ocean of vibration. Your individual vibrational direction decides exactly what is genuine. We all on earth settle on a ton of stuff: that a mountain is a mountain and that a pony is a pony and that the sun is yellow what not. These arrangements then, at that point, manifest on the grounds that every last one of us has acknowledged specific boundaries: certain data. The assortment of these information focuses makes an assortment of vibrational frequencies, which thusly decides how we see the world. The significant point here is that when you adjust your perspective on something, or take on an alternate conviction or perspective, you change your own assortment of relevant pieces of information. What’s more, that in a real sense changes the truth you see. So we all are going around on earth like little reality developers: we in a real sense figure out which layered reality we experience. Furthermore, the all-that is modern to the point that it easily makes these conceivable outcomes, these real factors, so you can by and by movement with the earth, and humankind, and everything on the earth, all through these layered real factors.

Indeed, on the grounds that any of us here right presently have settled on specific conclusions about what we need to experience, and we have gone to a marginally higher aspect where these occasions didn’t occur. All in all, we made an entire arrangement of likely real factors, and our choices have imploded the likelihood capability with the goal that we all experience things with a particular goal in mind. Furthermore, we can keep on doing that, in light of the fact that the framework answers progressively to our every idea and want. On the off chance that enough individuals settle on certain choices, we can in a real sense send spaceship earth to an alternate layered reality. These real factors coincide presently comes the core of the message, which we referenced momentarily in past shows: the people who have plans and need to make a particular reality have just a single device: influence. Cognizance, mindfulness, is non-actual in beginning, and consistently has freedom of thought.

That is all there is to it: that is the hidden mystery to planet earth and why we have been experiencing the manner in which we have for centuries. We have basically permitted others to control our conviction frameworks/data frameworks, and that has consistently positioned us in a lower layered reality. We’ve been drifting around aspect 3.5 for quite a while, in some cases we’ve gone a lot higher, as in the hour of Atlantis, and much lower, such as during the Probe. Yet, presently there are such countless individuals in the world that sheer quantities of manifested creatures are making a kind of minimum amount of cognizance. Definitely, an assortment of 7 billion individuals will make a vibrational increment, very much like when you put a pot of cold water on the oven and the particles of H2O heat up and extend.

 How do these different real factors and possibilities coincide

Indeed, we will comprehend that significantly unfurls and more data is delivered. In any case, envision the lovely planet earth drifting through space, in an air pocket of probability. As we change our conviction frameworks, the earth is continually losing potential real factors. A portion of these real factors disappear rapidly into the all-that-is, very much like a piano note that is struck on the piano key. Assuming you at no point ever hit that note in the future the sound vanishes, despite the fact that it never totally disappears. However, assuming you consistently make it, that vibration remains areas of strength for extremely keeps on showing. That is significant!

Nothing that has at any point been made absolutely vanishes Creation is perpetually at the end of the day

There’s a likelihood capability related with it. With each the truth there’s a likelihood capability. The ones that become ‘genuine” to you are the ones you are in concurrence with. This implies is that you are constantly making your own arrangement of data, your own arrangement of pieces of information, and that figures out what you experience.

Thus, no conceivable reality, regardless of how ambiguous, at any point disappears. It’s open. It very well might be practically inaccessible, however the fact is, that on the off chance that you can get individuals to consent to it, it will turn out to be increasingly likely. That is the very thing that the NWO folks and the Satanists have been doing. They’ve gotten hold of some ET innovation. They’ve fostered some fabulous stuff like repulsive force, time travel, energy from the vacuum, and everything you’ve learned about in sci-fi stories. What’s more, they have created complex mental procedures of influence. Furthermore, they’ve utilized that innovation to persuade us that a couple thousand of them are invulnerable. That their plan will show regardless of what we do. That you can’t THINK your direction to an alternate reality.

The fact is, the vital point is, that not their cutting edge innovation is liable for the truth we regard ourselves as in. It’s the way that we have consented to their plan. That is all there is to it parents! That is the mystery. These colleagues can have all the trend setting innovation they need, and even crowd us into jail camps assuming we consent to it. However, on the off chance that we all concluded that we didn’t need that reality, we would in a real sense climb a couple of layered premise focuses. Occasions would that happen that would appear to be completely regular, and we all would get delivered and things would change.

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